Contact Management with CreataCRM

CreataCRM is a great solution for the most basic of business needs, to the complex. Contact Management is one of those processes that every business must managage well regardless of the size of the business and the industry. The Home loans industry, Financial advisors, Real Estate etc, you need a basic and good Contact Management System. CreataCRM is a great tool for this. It provides the user with ease of access, search and quick search functionality as well. List views and detailed views are available for when more or less info is required. Access to this info whilst on the road makes CreataCRM even more convenient.

Contact View

Quick Search

Easy Search on all display Columns

Filter Search Able to Search on any display Column

List View Searching

Group By This Column

Able to Group on any column
Expand All Group Data
Unlimited Level of groups

Hide Column Remove the Column from the view
Column Chooser Add and remove columns
Search Panel Add and Remove Search Panel
Filter Builder

Adding Complex searches in the views

Filter Row Add and Remove the Filter rows
Filter Row Menu

Enable and disable
Doesn’t Contacts
End With
Equal With

Doesn’t equal
Footer Enable and Disable Footers for Counts and Totals



CreataCRM has the ability to export the data to variety of formats. It can be customised even further to suit your industry.

CreataCRM contacts can be linked to the following:


List of Activities like Calls, Meetings, Appointment linking to the calendar - which has Alarms and reminders too

Tasks To-Do items that have Alarms and  reminders
Opportunities List of Sales Opportunities
Lead Tracker Manage the process of a Lead for the Contact
Campaigns List of the users click and opens
Project List of Projects
Documents Documents connect to the Contacts
Groups Groups that the Contact is connected to
Jobs List Jobs on a Contact

CreataCRM is not limited to these above features and functions. Custom fields and Custom Tables can be created on most areas, allowing the system to be completely bespoke - for your Industry.

If this feature or anything else interests you, simply visit our 'CONTACT PAGE' to book your online demonstration, or give us a call on 02 9125 0575