The Designer Tool for Users in CreataCRM

The Designer Tool enables users to be really creative in CreataCRM. Users are able to modify all layouts inside of CreataCRM using the Designer Tool. This feature enables you to modify and move Fields, add Tabs, group Tabs and add Charts as well. We've tried to include as much information below as possible but if you would prefer to watch a video, please click on this link.

Designer Tool Video - WATCH

Layout Designer

With the Layout Designer tool, users are able to modify all layouts inside of CreataCRM. It gives the user the ability to move fields around as desired including adding Tabs, grouping Tabs, adding Charts and much more.

List View Column Designer

CreataCRM gives users the power to design column views. Users are able to customise column positions as well as grouping columns, adding and removing rows, along with a filter builder as well.

List View designer

Users have the ability to design the attibutes for any targeted list views. This includes:

  • Enable/Disable Delete button on list view
  • Enable/Disable Edit button on list view
  • Enable/Disable Auto Expand Groups
  • Data Access Mode
  • Enable/Disable Group Summary
  • Enable/Disable Footer
  • Enable/Disable Group Panel
  • Enable/Disable New Item Row in list view
  • Enable/Disable Show Auto Filter Row
  • Add a Criteria for the list view
  • Preview Column
  • Enable/Disable Endless Scrolling
  • Page size setting
  • Enable/Disable Search Panel
  • Enable/Disable Inline Editable
  • Enable/Disable BandsLayout

Chart View Design

The Chart View gives users access to 62 different charts designs. With CreataCRM Chart Designer, the user will have the ability to create and edit existing Charts with ease.

Types of Charts

  • Bar Series
  • Points and line Series
  • Pie Series
  • Funnel Seriers
  • Area series
  • Range Series
  • Radar and Polor Series

If you would like to watch a video about Chart Design, please click here.

Chart Designer Video - WATCH

Action Designer

This feature enables the user to disable or enable buttons inside of CreataCRM.

Appearance Rules

The Appearance Rules is designed for conditional formatting inside of CreataCRM. Users have the ability to target Fields, Labels and Action items. Users can add conditions to items i.e. to hide fields, change colour, change font and other types of formatting.

Add Calculated Fields

The Calculated Fields feature is used for a range of reasons. It can be used to merge Fields, calulate Fields and other types of formatting to empower the user to display a range of data as required.

Customise Navigation

With this feature, users can add and remove items in the navigation views.

Validation Rules

Create validation rules inside of CreataCRM. Users can allow validations for any data/information entered into CreataCRM. This includes things like 'Field can't be left empty', and 'the value needs to meet a certain criteria' etc.

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