Quoting and Invoicing in CreataCRM

Once the hard work is done, it's nice to simply invoice and get that part done too. You can! In CreataCRM.

There are some great Accountancy Systems out there that fit into your business model, right? but they only do so much....and go so far. You find yourself more ducking out and heading back to the office to submit paperwork for invoicing. A horrible manual & slow process for you and the billing team.

A better solution is one that models your needs??

If you're familiar with MYOB & Xero, you know they are great products for doing only 1 thing. CreataCRM joins the dots and integreates these systems. . It integreates products like these into a centralised system and you can do everything you need from one platform.

Invoices that you create will link to your Opportunities, Quotes, Jobs and Projects. This allow you to manage the circle. You are allowed to build your logic and build fields, for example different prices for different accounts.

We believe this system will liberate you. Heck, it liberates us in our office!! We love it. We are excited to be launching this technology. Be liberated today!


Products View

CreataCRM gives you the ability to list all of your products and services in a detailed view and a list view. Once you have recieved a sale, there is no double entry required to complete the admin process. Simply convert the updated quote to an invoice with the same product and services. This HTML Email editor then allows you to tailor your quote as required before sending it via email - all online!

Product List View

View all of your products in the product list view.

Quote to Invoice

Once you've designed your invoice using the editor/designer tool, simply push your invoices to the product of your choice - Xero / MYOB etc. If you prefer an alternate system, let us know and we can integrate it for you.

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