Lead Tracking in CreataCRM

CreataCRM empowers you to track all of your incoming leads. It gives you the ability to manage leads from your website right through to the winning of the Sale. With CreataCRM Lead Tracker, you are able to activate the Contact, Company or Account when you are ready to start the follow up process.  

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Lead Views

A new way to manage Leads.
Many CRMs focus on the Sales Opportunities process to manage incoming leads. This means users spend excessivetime entering unnecessary information to start the lead process. With CreataCRM, it's as easy as clicking one button to enable a Contact, Company or Account to become a lead. A central location is provided enabling you to easily manage every leads.

Lead Management
Status Managing Open, Closed, Won, Closed Lost and Inactive leads.
Process Users define process for leads. Users can view/manage multiple leads in CreataCRM
Probability A Slider Bar enabling the management of lead probability
Stages Track the stages for the leads
Interest mains Recording the main interest for the client. Meaning the provision of detail explaining the 'main pain point' the client has, needing to win the sale.
Interests This is a token box editor to type in the product/ services interests for the client during the lead process. This is great for business intelligence to tell users what are the collective interests for your leads
Competitors Identify the Competitors
Reason Lost Identify the Reason you Lost the Sale

CreataCRM provides one easy location to review and manage all leads including a timeline of how many leads you have and when they arrived. This feature gives your business all the important statistics about the Won/Lost ratio at any given time. Lead Tracker will help you track the ongoing interests your clients have, equipping you with important information for your business.

Users are able to access Tools like Triggers to initiate Email Campaigns and Tasks on each stage assisting in the management of all lead stages.


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