Reckon Hosted & Enterprise with CreataCRM

If you use Reckon and it works for you, but you feel you need additional funcitonality that Reckon doesn't offer, then CreataCRM with Reckon is for you. Whether you're using Reckon One or Reckon Hosted, CreataCRM will link to it and enable you to access and use all the relevant data that you need to. It will also give you the ability to access it via the Cloud - anywhere, anytime. CreataCRM with Reckon will enable you to better manage Leads and Sales, Quoting and Invoicing and even Inventory Management. CreataCRM on its own is a fully fledged CRM System with amazing features. It is flexible and adaptable and together with Reckon, (as your business grows) you'll find that its a great fit!

Watch a couple of video's about CreataCRM with Reckon

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CreataCRM with Reckon Hosted enables you to access and report on a wealth of information about your business activities. The two systems work together and present to you with a birds-eye-view of your business dealings. When linked, the two systems syncronise your important accountancy data and CreataCRM will present a comprehensive view of it all.

Those items that are brought across include:

  • Customers information
  • Supplier information
  • Estimates
  • Invoices
  • Jobs
  • Items
  • Inventory levels (stock)

Lets look at each of the above listed items to gain more understanding of exactly what information is accessible from Reckon Hosted inside of CreataCRM

Syncronise Customers across from Reckon. This includes Companies and Contacts. You are given a setting inside of CreataCRM which will give you the option of what information you would like to bring accross. You can also drill down and review greater information about that Contact including the Customer Invoices as well as items numbers along with dates and dollar values too.

CreataCRM will sync with your suppliers that are listed in Reckon. CreataCRM will view your suppliers which are then accessible on any device.

Estimations are quotes. So quotes that are inside of Reckon are accessible inside of CreataCRM. As CreataCRM is a cloud system, you will have access to this data whilst away from the office and out on the road. You can make your changes and modifications as required and information will be synced back to Reckon.


You will have a two-way sync to invoices between Reckon and CreataCRM. What this feature provides you with is the ability to review all customer invoices on any device. When working on any device, you are also able to create the necessary invoices you need to when on the move. Via CreataCRM, you will be able to create new Invoices as you need to. It will speed up how and where you work significantly. Once done inside of CreataCRM - Reckon will be updated too with those udpates.

CreataCRM will sync Reckon Jobs to give you a helicopter view of a job status. With CreataCRM, your job management will be enhanced with our additional tools that will automate and manage your Project and Job processes.

Items & Inventory Levels
CreataCRM will sync your items. This means you can see stock on hand as well as inventory inside of CreataCRM. Again this feature enables your Users to be on the road and access vital information about stock levels when they need to for clietns who ask etc.

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