Email Marketing Automation with CreataCRM

Build your own Email Marketing Campaigns then set and forget! Our Email Automation tool will manage your communications effortlessly. Email Marketing Automation will truly liberate you. CreataCRM offers a feature which enables you to send out emails by automation. Prepare a series of campaigns detailing the communication most appropriate to the prospect and then trigger them to be sent automatically. You can keep in contact with your prospects frequently this way, keep them updated of products & services and successfully nurture the business with the click of a button. Our Email Marketing Campaign Automation Tool will see you effortlessly dictate what communication goes to who, where, when and why.

Users are able to design their own Email Marketing sequence and content along with triggers and specific communications based on specific responses. After a campaign is sent - view results in bold coloured reports both bar and graph.

Campaigner Tool

This tool enables the following:
  • Drag and drop the designer campaign sequence icons.
  • Action icons provide clear understanding of sequences.
    • • Send email
      • Delay
      • Opens
      • Links clicked
      • Total clicks
      • Unsubsibed
      • Add to groups
      • Create a followup
  • Connect actions via handle-bars for desired result.
  • Name your sequence to personalise it including individual steps.
  • Sequences can be changed with minimal effort.

Marketing Results

View results in a bold and beautiful dash board. Bar Charts and Graphs display the success and results of your campaign. Expanded data is featured further down the page such as email addresses of recipients and their specific actions and responses to your campaing (clicks, unsubscribes, view etc etc).

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