Sales with CreataCRM

You can manage your sales inside of CreataCRM easily. Also manage Sales Teams and gain greater understanding of your business oppotunities centrally with CreataCRM. Everything from the initial lead auto-populated from your website, to creating the invoice on completion. All in the cloud. Enjoy greater clarity of your sales team and their daily activities. Monitor details like conversion rates, phone calls, history of sales and new clients. The information available to you is far greater and easily accessible where ever you choose to work (home, office, overseas).


Initial Lead

Incoming & Qualified Leads are brought into your centralised CreataCRM system. Everything from your website enquiries, emails & phone calls can be monitored. The users have the opportunity to qualify or disqualify the lead and progress the Lead through the stages ie Contact, Company and/or Opportunity etc. From there, attach documents as well and add activities and tasks, easily creating a good understanding of any client and their history.


Via the Opportunities view, you can focus on the hot opportunities & win more jobs. Sales Opportunties are often the centre of your business & this feature enables you to link to the other areas of the CRM like Quotes and Projects etc. The Sales feature allows you to manage the opportunities process and the relevant stages and their probabilities, in one location. A process bar gives you a view of every opportunities in the system, whether it's your own opportunities, or the opportunities from your sales team.

Sales Pipeline

Reporting becomes important with Sales. View your Sales achievements in a Sales Pipeline. See which stage the sale is up to and where they are getting held up.


CreataCRM has a quoting system as well which allows users to easily track their quote progress. Products and services can link, enabling users can see multiple quotes on an opportunity.

Quote Designer

Once the user has added any products and services to the quote, the user will have the ability to edit the quote via the designer and make any necessary adjustments prior to emailing a PDF of the quote with a click.

Quote to Email

CreataCRM allows you to send out Quotes by using HTML email Templates. Send a professional Quote to your clients with an attached PDF. It's all possible in CreataCRM. You can then track the open(s) and click(s) on your Sent quotes to better ascertain the interest of your potential client.