Secure Staff and Team Management

Security and accountability access inside any organisation is paramount. Users may need to be given limited access to features and functions. Activities like Export or Delete may need to be secured as well as limited such as the viewing or editing of certain information on a contact or in an area of the Database. A database IS the business and its security is very important. Even accidents (which happen all the time we find) where a contact history is deleted or changed, can destory years of work and compromise the future of dealing with that client. CreataCRM can assist with all of this. Even keeping users accountable by tracking all daily activities and providing the necessary data for KPI's.



Access all areas

Standard User

Access All AreasĀ  - Cannot delete or Export

Custom design Custom Design Security can be tailored to your needs. Target Objects like Contacts, Companies, Activities etc. Any type of tables in CreataCRM can be targetted.. Simply assign the desired criteria on those tables. ie NSW team can read and write to any contacts in NSW. Other teams cannot see or access them unless they have rights giving them Standard or Admin access.

Custom designed Security will enable you to turn on/off access in certain areas of the system. For example, invoices and email marketing preventing irriversible misakes. This is great for business owners who manage enterprises like franchises or who have staff who work remotely and are external users of the company database.

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