Company Management with CreataCRM

Perhaps your business is Company Management focused?. That is, you are focusing on the Companies needs as a whole where sales tracking and relationship management is all based on the Company rather than the individual client. For example; industries like Distributors and Wholesales are company focused where the individual client relationship is not primary as those relationships come and go, rather focus is placed on the entire company and that companies needs. CreataCRM can assist with this need. Features are listed below.

Better Manage Companies

Helicopter view of the Company

Users can view Activities, Tasks, Sales Opportunities and Quotes for all the members of the Contacts. Able see all users Emails, Calls and relevant information on a Company level

Lead Track Company Users are able to lead track on a Company level
Manage Divisions  Management of nested Companies (subsiduaries etc)
Google Maps Google Maps
Look up Collections Lookup a list of companies like state for example and send email campaigns on a contact level. 

Better manage contacts with Companies

Auto Create Companies

When you create a contact in CRM, it will automatically create a Company separately, to limit the data entry.  

Auto link Companies

Auto Link -  When typing a primary company,  it will allow the users to select exiting companies to link contacts to companies

Primary Company Drop Down With the drop down meny for companies, it will display other fields like state to identify companies that have the same name bu different states or city. Allowing users to manage companies in different locations

With the company management system you will be able has helicopter view of all the activities of the contacts

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