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CreataCRM has an eMarketing Tool enabling you and your Marketing Staff to build vibrant Email Communications in-house and fully control the delivery with the Automation Tool. You will have the freedom to set up your Campaign sequence and have CreataCRM manage the distribution of your Email Blast schedule. Keep your products, services and brands on the forefront of your clients minds with very little effort on your part. The Email Marketing Utility is all centralised inside CreataCRM. Create, monitor and view reports on all of your Email Marketing activities. features include the following:

Email Marketing Automations

With Email Automation, you are able to drip market communications to your contact lists in your database automatically. This helps you manage Events, Training Programs, New Leads, Promotions and other Activities that require a series of email communications ongoing. This will centralise your business information and it's all in the Cloud. The feature enables you to build the sequence with visual blocks (as featured above in the picture) and is all available inside CreataCRM. Its centralised and easy to access from anywhere.

eMarketing Reports

The Marketing Report is a list of all the recipients who have opened and clicked on the email you sent. With Email marketing reports, you are able to segment your campaigns into Tags before sending. This gives a global report on all campaigns and single send emails. You can narrow right down to Campaign Tags with date ranges.

  • Design your own Scoring System
  • Report on Opens
  • Report on Clicks
  • Interactive date slider
  • Link Reports back to the Contact. Users have direct access to the particular contact and all the history in dealing with that contact. All information about that person, his/her activities, quotes, invoices, projects and much more.

Managing Tags and Lists

You are able to segment your email messages with global tags, which are like lists. When users look to subscribe to info, they can choose what communications they would like to know more about. Eg, Products, Training, etc. The user can opt in and out of these by themselves i.e.  Unsubsribed design page Global Tags and Allowing recipients to segment the communication themselves.


CreataCRMs Warehousing feature can manage all your Xero Items, keeping track of stocks and purchase orders. When you make Purchase Orders in CreataCRM they get sent to Xero as Bills, letting you manage your payments all in one place!

Event Management

Many businesses still use Excel Spreadsheets to manage the detail surrounding an Event. They are updated manually & are time consuming. CreataCRM has built an Event Management Tool to manage ongoing Events. The Features includes.

  • Event Management Calendar - Interactive calendar just for your Events
  • Attendance Target – CreataCRM allows you to search the CRM for Contacts you would like invited to an Event.
  • Send an Invitation via Email - Select the contacts to send an invite to.
  • Invitation Status - Manage the status of your target market & how you communicate to them (Email, Phone, other) - also the Status (Attending, Maybe, Unknown or Not Attending)
  • Activities - You, the user, will be able to log calls, emails and other activities on the Event, showing how hard you are working to promote your Event(s)
  • Number of contacts coming to the Event (attendees)
  • Attachments - Allowing you to attach documents about this Event
  • Campaigns - Link the Events to a particular email campaign(s) that are sent (Teaser, Invite, Follow up etc etc).
  • Email Template - Ability to link the email template to the Events

Event Management

CreataCRM has a drap and drop editor as well. The User Interface enables even the least experienced users to edit and build simple communications in relative ease.

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