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If you enjoy using MYOB and would prefer to stay using it, then you can. CreataCRM keeps you using what you prefer and adds greater functionality. You are given the freedom to run all your business accountancy tasks inside of CreataCRM. This partnership lets you prepare Invoices, Back Orders, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and plenty more, all inside of CreataCRM, synchronsied to MYOB Accountright. In addition, by using CreataCRM's powerful workflow framework, you're given even greater functionality by creating your own automations. Simply integrate with the latest version of MYOB (Account Right Live), and enjoy all your business information becoming readily accessible via the Cloud and linked with our Cloud CRM System (CreataCRM). Its a great partnership that will liberate you!

Syncronisation options

CreataCRM provides an automatic MYOB sync which allows you, the user, to choose what data to sync across every hour to CreataCRM. CreataCRM offers an automatic Sync tool which will sync MYOB data (of your choice) to CreataCRM. This will reduce double handling significantly as no user interaction is required. If a user changes some records about a client/customer in MYOB, then those details are automatically updated from your accountancy package into CreataCRM.

  • Sync MYOB Customers and Suppilers
  • Sync MYOB Invoices
  • Sync MYOB Purchase Orders & Back Orders
  • Sync Accounts
  • Sync Category
  • Receive Stock
  • Conduct Billing inside of CreataCRM
  • Sync MYOB Time Billing
  • Sync MYOB Items
  • Sync MYOB Jobs
  • Sync MYOB Bills
  • And more..

Job & Project Management

With these sync options made available to you, you can then access other great features in CreataCRM like the Job and Project Management tools. You will be able to use CreataCRM Job management to add your time and material on any Job.  CreataCRM enables you to start & stop your jobs (recording) and action this functions on your mobile device including phone, tablet and any PC. After you finish your Job, send the data to MYOB as an invoice.

    Features Include;
  • Quote to Jobs
  • Time Billing
  • Job Calendar Sync to Office 365
  • Adding Purchases and Sales Orders to MYOB
  • Creating Invoices to MYOB.

Inventory Management & Multiple Warehousing

CreataCRM has the ability to enhance your Inventory Management with the benefit of MYOB handling Multiple Warehouseing. CreataCRM together with MYOB will successfully manage your warehouseing all in the Cloud. One centralised location gives you all the information you need on Stock Availability & Inventory Management. You can be working from any location in the world (where internet is available) to obtain important information about your Stock Availability.

If there is no stock available, then no problem! Simply continue working with the freedom of preparing the necessary Orders and Invoices to push a back order and/or Purchase Order of the unavailable stock. The great thing about having access to Inventory Levels whilst on the road is that you will have Real Time stats of any of your stock/products. This allows your team to better communicate to your clients on the availability of items without needing to speak to accounts or wait until they are back in the office/warehouse. Real freedom. You will even be given the ability to receive stock inside of CreataCRM and then process an Invoice in MYOB all via the Cloud. No downloading. No syncing. No waiting. No frustrations. You will save time and money. Keep the power of MYOB inside your business to handle your accounts and inventory - and harness CreataCRM to manage your client data alongside it. Together these two systems will liberate you as a owner / user.

Watch a video about Inventory and Stock Management

Leads through to Invoice

CreataCRM along with MYOB, enables users to manage Leads, Quotes and Sales Opportunities in one location. Because Product Items are syncronised with MYOB, users have the ability to see where stock levels are, at the time of Quoting - all inside CreataCRM. Once a sales has been won, users are able to push the Quoted Items to a Sales Order /Purchases Order into MYOB. This provides for a far greater customer experience which in turn speeds up and increases sales.

Features Include;
  • See stocks in the Quote
  • Sending Purchase Orders in Quotes
  • Sending Sales Orders in Quotes
  • Real Time views of Quotes Status (closed and open)

Sales Process

With CreataCRM, you are able to enhance your MYOB Sales Process and better manage the sequence from Lead to Sale far more effectively.
Any enquiries that arrive from your website into CreataCRM, can be tracked and monitored easily. These Leads can be converted into Opportunities and then continue progressing through the stages without getting lost.
During the stages, you will also have the ability to prepare Quotes with CreataCRM and email those Quotes to prospective clients using your own Quote Templates. Users will be able to then track & report on the movements of the recipient (prospective new client) via their clicks and opens.

    Features Include;

  • Lead Management Process
  • Sales Opportunities Management
  • Quote Management
  • Sales and Purchase orders process
  • Sending Invoices

Single Access View

CreataCRM together with MYOB, provides you with an ability to view & access all data in one centralised secure place, accessible on any device. CreataCRM brings all the data together giving you a greater understanding of the activities & movements in your business. You can generate reports and forcast. You can better coordinate staff. You can better understand client trends & habits. It us a partnership that will liberate you in your business.

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