Project Management with CreataCRM

For many businesses, Project Management is a huge part of daily activities. A more interactive tool is necessary for flexible working, so with this in mind, we have added a feature to CreataCRM that provides a visual interactive Project Planning element. This feature provides both a treelist and timeline view so users can see 'at a glance' a projects start & end date, task progress, relationship between tasks, milestones and other components of the projects.

Users will be able to view the projects either in a DETAILED VIEW which provides comprehensive information or a LIST VIEW which summarises those projects in progress.

Detailed View

This view will enable you to observe and perform the following number of things.
  • Adding and viewing Attachments to the Project
  • Adding and viewing Jobs to the Project
  • Adding and viewing Colleagues/Staff to the Project
  • Adding and viewing Contacts to the Project
  • Adding and viewing Requests
  • Percentage completed Progress Bar
  • Start Date
  • Estimated Completion Date
  • Total Work Hours (for time billing)
  • Total Estimated Hours

List View

Users can access and view all projects in an easy list view arrangment, allowing the filtering of the projects as required. Also, the ability to see the percentage completed and work-in-progress bar status to help users to drill down to the projects.

Gantt Style Project View

CreataCRM can also display your project(s) in a Gantt Chart Dashboard. This provides you with a view of those project(s) that are running visually.


The Project Management feature gives you the ability to order your project based on the dependencies as indictated above, giving you flexibility on how you typically manage projects.

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