Reckon with CreataCRM

If you use Reckon and it works for you, but you feel you need additional funcitonality that Reckon doesn't offer, then CreataCRM with Reckon is for you. Whether you're using Reckon One or Reckon Hosted, CreataCRM will link to it and enable you to access and use all the relevant data that you need to. It will also give you the ability to access it via the Cloud - anywhere, anytime. CreataCRM with Reckon will enable you to better manage Leads and Sales, Quoting and Invoicing and even Inventory Management. CreataCRM on its own is a fully fledged CRM System with amazing features. It is flexible and adaptable and together with Reckon, (as your business grows) you'll find that its a great fit!

Watch a couple of video's about CreataCRM with Reckon

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Reckon One with CreataCRM

CreataCRM with Reckon One enables you to access and report on your accountancy data. The two systems when linked, present you with a birds-eye-view of your business dealings. CreataCRM is a fully fledged CRM, so when partnered with Reckon, you'll have the additional functionality that perhaps Reckon is unable to provide you with. So by linking the two systems, you will liberate your business with some terrific features and functionality.

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