Tablet and Mobile View

CreataCRM also has the ability to display in Tablet and Mobile views. This will give the mobile user all the same power of CreataCRM in a Tablet and Mobile view. It will reduce the difficulty of reading tiny writing and clicking tiny buttons. The mobile view will adjust to the size that is most appropriate. Liberating to the user who is on the road most of the time.

Tablet & Mobile Tool Video - WATCH

Tablet Views

The layout is designed for users on Tablets. It presents with larger fonts to easily press the items on your mobile device. The Tablet/Mobile views are also designed with a floating toolbar allowing the users to have continual scrolling.

With tablet views, the user will still have access to major tools inside of CreataCRM such as Workflow Triggers, which help you to develop business workflows. In addition, there is a resize option if needed so you can resize the view for the particular device.

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