eCommerce & Client Pages

CreataCRM can be a powerful eCommerce or Client page tool for your business. You can allow your customers the ability to purchase your products or access special products, pricing information via their own portal.

CreataCRM integrates with your accountancy system, allowing you to bring the product details (name, price .etc) from your accountancy system to your CreataCRM eCommerce website

CreataCRM fully supports customer sign-ups; So existing Customers can login to your online shop and see their previous orders. Reordering can be done through the click of a button! Best of all, you have access to all your shops customer details to utilise in your CreataCRM marketing campaigns (via the eMarketing tool)

Shopping Cart

When customers visit your online store, their shopping carts are saved. So they can return to your page and finalise their purchases with ease.

Your Products. Your Control

Our eCommerce apps use your CreataCRM. Its your system, your products and your control. We will help you get set up, show you how to use the tools and then you're free to manage both the Client side (What clients see) and the admin side (your prices, specials and back-end data)

Returning Customers

Customers can register an account on your online shop. This saves their phone number, email address and other relevant client details such as their address  - straight into CreataCRM. With this new data, you can manage and communicate to these new leads (prospects) all via one system. The eMarketing module and SMS module keep your brands & products on their minds.

History & Recording

Returning Customers can login to see their order history. With a click, they can reorder their popular purchases.

ACTIVITIES - Bring your business activities into one place i.e. Accountancy, Office 365, IMAP.  Along with reoccurring meetings and appointments.

TASKS - Follow up Tasks. Re-occuring Tasks. Tasks Templates let you develop processes and check lists. Schedule colleagues to do certain Tasks with reminder emails as well.

MAPS - Use the Mapping tool to group your business into zones and regions for client visit and field runs.

DOCUMENTS - Attach relevant documentation and files to client profiles for reference.

MAIL - Validate customers emails (confirmation they are active). Improve client relationship with regular contact.

TAGS - Categorise you clients via unique Tags. Tag them accorging to their interest, their purchases or their preferences. Search, report or communicate to your clients based on this insightful data.

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