Reckon Hosted with CreataCRM

If you use Reckon and it works for you, but you feel you need additional funcitonality that Reckon doesn't offer, then CreataCRM with Reckon is for you. Whether you're using Reckon One or Reckon Hosted, CreataCRM will link to it and enable you to access and use all the relevant data that you need to. It will also give you the ability to access it via the Cloud - anywhere, anytime. CreataCRM with Reckon will enable you to better manage Leads and Sales, Quoting and Invoicing and even Inventory Management. CreataCRM on its own is a fully fledged CRM System with amazing features. It is flexible and adaptable and together with Reckon, (as your business grows) you'll find that its a great fit!

Watch a couple of video's about CreataCRM with Reckon

CreataCRM + Reckon - Accountancy Integrated

CreataCRM with Reckon Hosted enables you to access and report on a wealth of information about your business activities. The two systems work together and present to you with a birds-eye-view of your business dealings. When linked, the two systems syncronise your important accountancy data and CreataCRM will present a comprehensive view of it all.


Syncronise Customers across from Reckon. This includes Companies and Contacts. You are given a setting inside of CreataCRM which will give you the option of what information you would like to bring accross. You can also drill down and review greater information about that Contact including the Customer Invoices as well as items numbers along with dates and dollar values too.

Sales Management

CreataCRM we can expand your sales process, adding Leads and Opportunities to your business and adding extra feature to your sales system. You will able to develop your sales process in your system.

Managing your Jobs to Reckon

With CreataCRM, you are able to manage your Jobs via sales, Allowing you to schedule jobs, and then invoice them to Reckon

Managing your Purchase Orders via CreataCRM to Reckon

CreataCRM will help you managing your purchase order process inside of CreataCRM. You will be able to create quotes and orders. CreataCRM will Sync the stock amounts from Reckon, so you will know what stock is short, with CreataCRM, you are able to order the stock inside of CreataCRM and email the supplier, then when the stock is recieved, you can convert it to a bill in Reckon.

Managing Assembly Orders in CreataCRM

With CreataCRM, you able to take orders from your customers, however, you need to make the goods. In CreataCRM, you will be able create a work order for your warehouse team to make the goods to sell. Then warehouse team can then create the goods, and then send the Assembly order to reckon to add stock, for the sales team to send the order as a invoice in Reckon

Marketing & Reckon Hosted

With Creata's abilility to capture your clients buyers behaviour, you can easily group those purchasing habits into a tags for use during Marketing. Creata's eMarketing Module also gives you the functions of scanning client emails to validate lists prior to sending out communications. Users can see what are emails are valid and invalid which can then trigger follow up calls or and database cleaning.

SALES MANAGEMENT - Develop your sales process to bring everything together.

LEAD MANAGEMENT - Follow up Tasks. Re-occuring Tasks. Tasks Templates let you develop processes and check lists. Schedule colleagues to do certain Tasks with reminder emails as well.

OPPORTUNITY (DEAL) MANAGEMENT - Allow opportunities management inside of CreataCRM, where you can Manage your deals on location

QUOTE MANAGEMENT - We can manage your quote management, and help you with your quote stages

ORDER MANAGEMENT We can handle your order management with pick, pack and ship, Weights and other number of extra features

INVOICE MANAGEMENT - Create Invoices and and send tot he accountancy package

CASH SALES - Handle walk in sales in CreataCRM

PRICE LISTS Manage your customers price list, allow you important customers have discounts

BATCH AND SERIAL NUMBERS - Manage your stocks with Batch and Serial Numbers

PURCHASING MANAGEMENT -Allow you to order stock from the sale

PICK, PACK AND SHIP Manage your picking, packing and shipping in CreataCRM, adding the consignment number to the sale

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - Make it easy for you to manage your shipping, where the sale can calculate the total weight on a order