Job and Project Management

The Jobs Board

With Creata, review every job via the Jobs Board.
Review: In Progress, Pending review for Chargability, On Hold, To be Invoiced, Non-Invoiced etc etc.  Easy view of all jobs at a glance. Easy hover to see added information when needed.

Job Management

Creata Jobs lets you to schedule in any job via the Job Calendar (one calendar). Review jobs and times of any colleague and create new customers and new jobs as well. Send emails of the new job - all in one place.

Mobile App

Mobile Field Staff are able to login via their chosen mobile device and access information needed. Even map directions.
Add time and materials on the system which alerts Admin Team of the jobs start and finish time.

Sending Invoices

Send out your invoices from the Job once completed. Create new Customers too. Send Invoices and include essential Time and Materials. Link the job to your Accountancy System (Reckon, MYOB, Xero).

Complex Jobs

Easily handle very complex Jobs & Projects requiring scheduling over multiple days and multiple Field Staff all working different times and different dates.

Utilisation Board

Review how utilised your staff are at within a Project. Review the details of each employees activities. All datain Creata is centralised and allways accessible, so accessing your external data from outside systems (Office 365, Accountancy etc) lets you review large amounts of data easily & retain it permanently providing better managing & planning of Projects & Jobs

TASKS - Easy management of Tasks. Create check lists. Create templates of Tasks.

INVOICES - Send time and materials. Link jobs to invoices. Enable re-occuring invoices.

JOBS - Create a variety of different jobs and re-occuring Jobs. Create Job Templates. Assign Jobs. Invoice Jobs. Time Jobs.

ACTIVITIES- Manage all activities on any device. Apply time to Activities and to Jobs

SITE MAINTENANCE - Manage multiple sites. Manage complex re-occuring maintenance Jobs.

CLIENT SIGN OFF - Enable client sign off on the Job via your device.

QUOTES - Create Quotes from Jobs. Create Jobs from Quotes. Estimate vs Actual. Send Quotes and move quotes through to all stages through to Invoice & Close.

ATTACHMENTS - Attached documents to emails. Send Quotes, Contracts, Additional Information, Specs, Photos etc. Link to client. Send and attach on any device.

TICKETING - Using the Ticketing System, create Jobs from Tickets. Invoice from Tickets. Record and retain all data from Tickets.

PROJECTS - Manage multiple & complex Projects with Gantt Chart views. Create multiple Jobs within a Project. Manage multiple people and resources within a Project.